The self-love potion you've been craving. Crafted to enhance your mood, liberate sexual energy and feel those yummy feelings. 


By pairing 150mg of psilocybe cubensis with a functional dose organic maca and cacao, we have crafted a powerful dose to assist in energy flow and allow greater feelings of both personal & universal connection. 


Tantra is designed to awaken the sacral chakra - the energy centre associated with sacred sexuality, creativity and passion. Maca and cacao are not only both heart opening and libido-enhancing substances - they are also highly nutritious and aid in heart & brain health. 


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Bronwyn Harris

Honestly obsessed with the Ritual 🖤 helps with my anxiety so much! Thank you !



I'm SO happy. I feel so alive and attentive. I thought I hated my job, but truth is I just didn't have the energy to enjoy the job. Ritual definitely woke all my senses up, got me productive AF and even suppressed my appetite..or is that just me? I swear it calmed down my binging! Lol but seriously I can't wait to try Tantra next when I'm finished with these


Samantha Mpiana

I loved them soooo much! The capsule are easy to swallow and give me the boost I need. I had the cocoa one and they are perfect with hot chocolate. Creativity unleashed!!


Love the packaging and the delivery service was seamless and easy !


Very restorative! Beautiful journey, definitely helped with recent anxiety.



Bought some Quest for a cottage weekend with friends and it was perfect! Love them!

First Time Microdosing and I Love It!

Ella T.

I've been hearing about microdosing from some friends and was intrigued but really nervous to try. I reached out to HiLife Club for some advice and recommendations and ordered a jar of ritual. I'm so happy with this product, and I honestly can't remember how I lived without it!

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