The Club Pack

The Club Pack


Dive right into your microdosing journey with The Club Pack. 

The Club Pack includes each of the products from our microdosing range for a variety of experiences. Perfect for the solo-journeyer, or for dosing with friends. 


The Club Pack includes: 

-10 pack of Ritual

-10 pack of Tantra

-10 pack of Adapt

-5 pack of Quest

  • We never use hormonally active or anticaking agents that would inhibit absorption or impede the body’s delicate microbiome.


    We ensure that all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and fair trade. Our blends and capsules are 100% vegan, gluten free, and comprised completely of organic ingredients. 

  • The delivery date of your purchase depends on the shipping method you have chosen. Typically a shipment will arrive within 4-6 business days from the date of purchase. We use Canada Post and deliver anywhere within Canada.

Product Reviews

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Bronwyn Harris

Honestly obsessed with the Ritual 🖤 helps with my anxiety so much! Thank you !



I'm SO happy. I feel so alive and attentive. I thought I hated my job, but truth is I just didn't have the energy to enjoy the job. Ritual definitely woke all my senses up, got me productive AF and even suppressed my appetite..or is that just me? I swear it calmed down my binging! Lol but seriously I can't wait to try Tantra next when I'm finished with these


Samantha Mpiana

I loved them soooo much! The capsule are easy to swallow and give me the boost I need. I had the cocoa one and they are perfect with hot chocolate. Creativity unleashed!!


Love the packaging and the delivery service was seamless and easy !


Very restorative! Beautiful journey, definitely helped with recent anxiety.



Bought some Quest for a cottage weekend with friends and it was perfect! Love them!

First Time Microdosing and I Love It!

Ella T.

I've been hearing about microdosing from some friends and was intrigued but really nervous to try. I reached out to HiLife Club for some advice and recommendations and ordered a jar of ritual. I'm so happy with this product, and I honestly can't remember how I lived without it!

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